Enjoy Venice to the fullest

Right by the 175 canals through Venice, several sights are located such as palazzos, plazas and magnificent churches, which make a journey with a singing gondolier seem like a perfectly composed painting. Stroll over one of the 400 bridges of the city or discover one of the countless art galleries. Fortify yourself with pasta and fresh pastries for the day in order to bring the day to a close with high-end shopping at the Piazza San Marco.

Routing (00:50)

Flying across the Alps, past the Grossglockner, crossing the breathtaking scenery of the flatland from Udine and continuing along the Italian coast with its kilometers of beach makes your journey so enjoyable.

A special highlight awaits our customer at the airfield in Italy: a boat trip from the airfield directly to the Piazza San Marco – included in the price!


€ 400.00

Price per person

Please note: 6 tickets have to be sold to activate the flight or book as a private flight: € 2,400.00